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St George’s has a Vicar – It’s Official!

by St George's Webmaster on June 9th, 2014

Ven Clive Mansell, Archdeacon of Tonbridge, writes:

Institution and Induction of Revd Serena Willoughby:

Sunday 15 June 2014 at 10.30 am

Serena is in post at St George’s as a part-time priest.  When she was appointed, it was only possible legally for a person to serve in a parish in that part-time capacity as ‘Priest-in-Charge’, not technically as ‘Vicar’.  The previous Vicars of St George’s who have been part-time have also technically been priests-in-charge.  The law has now changed and it has become possible for an ‘incumbency’ (ie the legal post of ‘Vicar’) to be held part-time.  Arrangements have therefore been made, with the agreement of the Bishop and of the Patron and the PCC, for Serena to be appointed legally the ‘Vicar’.  She will continue to hold that office on the same part-time basis as before.  Her day-to-day duties do not change.  However, her legal status does change.  On 15 June, Trinity Sunday, Ven Clive Mansell, the Archdeacon of Tonbridge, will come to the 10.30 am service at St George’s on behalf of the Bishop of Rochester to ‘Institute and Induct’ Serena as Vicar.  The Patron of the parish, the Rector of Sevenoaks, St Nicholas, Revd Angus Macleay, will be there to present her to this post.  These legal and public ceremonies take place within the act of worship.

All are very welcome.

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