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CAMEO – Come And Meet Each Other

CAMEO exists to provide a friendly, stimulating and supportive environment for the elderly of Weald who want to get together with those at a similar stage in life.

CAMEO LogoWe usually meet in the Church Rooms on the second Monday of each month. We either have a local speaker on a topic of general interest, normally illustrated, a quiz or other activity. We always finish with tea, cakes and a prayer. We start with a fun game of bingo, playing for eggs, an activity inherited from Darby and Joan, which was our predecessor.

In the Summer we have a few outings and a Holiday at Home. The purpose of this is to provide a break primarily for those who are no longer able to go away on holiday. It consists of three whole days during one week in July, where we provide coffee, lunch and tea and many activities.

To download a leaflet showing details of forthcoming meetings, please click here.

Coordinator: Judith Howard

Deputy Coordinator:  Shirley Hayes      

Treasurer:  Moya Grady

… plus a team of helpers who give members lifts to and from gatherings, bake cakes and are generally invaluable in helping everything run smoothly.

There is no membership fee at present but we ask for £1 each time for tea and cakes and have a bring and buy table.